TalisMedia Brands

TalisMedia is a content publisher. While there are many projects and products that are produced and marketed under the TalisMedia brand name, certain kinds of content can benefit from branding that gives a unique identity to that content. These distinctive brands are still part of TalisMedia, functioning like a subsidiary of the parent. Here are a few brands that are part of TalisMedia:

Chronal House

Chronal House is a TalisMedia brand that specializes in content and products that have a spiritual or metaphysical focus. These include:

  • The web-based video series The Temporal Reverie
  • The ebook on manifestation titled "Maker in the Mirror"
  • A deck of Tarot cards that has been designed and will be published both as a physical deck and as an interactive application
  • The 42-minute computer animated video that gives a meditative tour of the chakra system, titled Chakranomicon


Chronal House has a separate website with offerings focused on questions and issues of everyday people on a path to reach their finest and most complete humanity and an online store offering products sharing that mission.

Explore Chronal House by visiting www.chronalhouse.com

Wicked Wit Wares

Wicked Wit Wares is a brand that loves to not take anything too seriously, including itself. This brand will primarily be an online market for t-shirts and related merchandise displaying messages with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

The Alchemy of Imagination


TalisMedia is a publishing and merchandise venture that offers unique visual and written content as well as related products offered through our online store.

It also is the parent of brands that serve specific audiences, such as Chronal House.


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