About David

I believe we live in a random world in which there is no coincidence. If we've learned anything from the effort to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity, it's that the fabric of our reality has an inherent and unavoidable randomness to it while at the same time unfolding an abundance of orderly patterns both plain and subtle.

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I was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1962. Aside from getting great grades without a lot of effort, my childhood was pretty commonplace. I graduated from high school with honors and went off to college to major in physics. However, I left school after my freshman year, casting about for a few months and finally finished a two-year degree in Electronic Engineering at a technical school.

From there, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984. My first job was in programming but I left that job after 8 months for my first gig as a technical writer for a small manufacturing company. That was the start of a more than 30 year career in technical communication at places including Dun & Bradstreet, The Home Depot, and Microsoft. I moved to Seattle, Washington in 1991 to take the Microsoft job.

Feeling the need for a change of scenery eventually, I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2003. In Portland, I worked for a series of technology startups as a technical writer, training developer, and training manager. But I eventually returned to Seattle again where my day job is with a major name in technology.

Awakening Artist

My early Microsoft years was when a new generation of software became available for modeling, texturing, and rendering 3D images on a personal computer. While I'd shown artistic aptitude, I never had the patience or discipline for sketching with pencil, taking up the paint brush, or working in pen and ink. So those abilities went untapped until the computer became an artistic medium in its own right.

The technology of digital art fascinated me, but so did the creative potential. The computer and applications with the magic of Undo was infinitely forgiving, making it comfortable to experiment with different looks and backing out of those I didn't like. The computer provided digital paint in both infinite variety of color and supply. Working in 3D meant if I changed my mind about the angle used to present a subject, all I needed to do was reposition the virtual camera and re-generate the image. I took to these tools and techniques like a duck to water.

What began as a hobby in computer art grew over time into a major passion for this previously untapped creative potential. I designed a deck of Tarot cards, began creating videos to share on YouTube and elsewhere, took up digital photography, and within the last few years began working on a degree in graphic design. It's been my blessing to be one of those left brain/right brain types. And my good fortune to make a great living using my analytical skills for things like programming and technical writing. Now I'm excited like never before to turn the other half of my abilities loose and see what it creates.


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