Begun With a Word

The story of TalisMedia is necessarily a slice of my own story since TalisMedia is me for now. I'm David Deyo, writer, teacher, computer artist, photographer, graphic designer, gay man and spiritual journeyman.

TalisMedia started, as many things do, with the smallest and seemingly insignificant things. When in junior high school, I was hanging out with my best friend Michael. He had an alarm clock that I noticed because of its modern design. Printed on the face of the clock in small letters was a single word, probably the name of the manufacturer. Talisman.

For reasons I can only imagine, that word stuck in my head. Perhaps it was meant to. Even at the beginning and in ways I could not anticipate, the planting of that word was bound in an awareness of design and the keeping of time. It became. A favorite word, imbued with a magic deeper than its meaning.

Love of Poetry

In high school, I discovered a love of writing poetry. Thanks to the encouragement of teachers, I kept writing even after I graduated. I'd won my high school literary journal's top poetry award two years running and had a few poems printed in a literary magazine published at the university I attended.

By the time I'd moved to Atlanta in the mid-1980s, I had a file folder bulging with typed up copies of poems. My roommate at that time, a graphic designer I'd known since high school, asked if I would become the editor of a small press publishing company he'd started. That was when the publishing bug bit me. We published an anthology of macabre fiction and poetry together before parting company.

But before that book, my friend suggested a publish a poetry collection featuring the best of the work I had done to that point. He designed a cover and took care of producing the 25 hand-made copies. I wrote the foreword and selected the poems I wanted to include. But I wanted to create an imprint of my own.

That's when a word that impressed me some twenty years prior whispered in my ear. I had the name. Talisman Ventures. Not terribly publisheresque, I know. Perhaps even then I had an unconscious sense of doing more than making books and chose a name with a fairly broad scope.

Logo Origin

Naturally I also needed a logo. My passion for making art was still years away. But my designer friend one day saw me doodling something. The drawing was clearly rendered by an unskilled hand but he liked the form of what I had done. He offered to recreate the design with pen and ink so I would have a well-executed version of it. That became the logo for Talisman Ventures.

As an aside and as proof of synchronicity, it would be years after drawing that shape and the arrival of the Internet that I discovered that my heritage was French Huguenot. It was a strange moment indeed when I began to research Huguenots and found a distinctive cross common among them that my logo strongly resembled.

Dawn of Digital Media

But Talisman Ventures languished after that first run of poetry books for years. I had moved from Atlanta to Seattle. Meanwhile, computes began to revolutionize graphic design and brought new ways to create art into being. Never having been patient enough to master traditional media, I saw what computers were making possible as a godsend.

The software that captured my imagination was 3D Studio. I loved the idea of modeling virtual three-dimensional objects in a digital space and rendering snapshots from any angle with a phantom camera that calculated the look of the scene. This was a way of working that suited me quite well. So my interest in making digital art was born.

It Comes Together

As my skills with these revolutionary tools grew, the Internet exploded on the scene. Like so many folks, I wanted to be on the web. It seemed a fitting and logical place to share my creative work with others. And while my first effort at creating a website for my work was done on one of those free web pages that were so plentiful in those days, like GeoCities, I knew I didn't want someoneelse.com/talisman to be my web address. I wanted my own .com.

I went looking and found to my disappointment that the word "talisman" had already been registered as a web address. I didn't really want to use talismanventures.com because it seemed too long and not easily read. It was also important to me that the name of this enterprise match its web address. So it became time to change. Realizing that my interests had expanded well beyond the boundaries of any one creative medium, I wanted a new name that was focused on multiple media. It was then that I realized a semantic splice of the words "talisman" and "media" would bring me just what I was seeking. And so TalisMedia as the name of my venture and the web address for my site came to be.

Originally, I registered talismedia.com and set up my first website there. After I realized I had forgotten to renew the domain name and it had expired, I learned someone else snapped it up. If you own that domain, it would be a very lovely gesture indeed if you're not doing anything with it to allow it to return home where it truly belongs. Out of the kindness of your heart. I don't do domain ransom. So instead, I regstered and set up shop again at talismedia.net.

The Vision Now

TalisMedia has always been about providing me with a brand name and a vehicle for sharing and eventually marketing my own creative works in a variety of media. If things develop as I desire, TalisMedia will eventually produce enough return on years of my invested time and heart to make it possible for me to bring other creators into the fold and offer their visions, words, and products as well.

As I have grown more intensely interested in particular niches of content, such as spirituality and metaphysics, I have created names under which those efforts can be uniquely marketed while remaining under the larger TalisMedia umbrella. For example, Chronal House is a TalisMedia brand that's focused entirely on content and products of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. Other brands are in development.

TalisMedia, a publisher and maker of related merchandise, was transformed from something as simple as the word "talisman" on the face of an alarm clock by the magic of creativity and vision. What's at the core of that story is what makes this venture special.

Small wonder the slogan of TalisMedia is:

The Alchemy of Imagination


TalisMedia is a publishing and merchandise venture that offers unique visual and written content as well as related products offered through our online store.

It also is the parent of brands that serve specific audiences, such as Chronal House.


TalisMedia Online Store at zazzle.com