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20 Oct 2012

New Video: "One Kiss"

A number of years ago, I was inspired to write about a daydream that I think many people have had at one time in their lives. If you've ever been strongly attracted to someone who didn't seem to realize it or who perhaps didn't return the attraction or perhaps had a secret crush that didn't know you had feelings for them, you've probably imagined what you might do given a chance to be close to them. Even if it was one and only one chance.

My inspiration let me to write the poem "One Kiss" which describes what I might want to do if the object of unrealized desire granted that one opportunity. It's long been a personal favorite of the poems I've written. You can find the text in the Naked Body of Dreams collection.

When I was living in Seattle, a composer I knew who enjoyed my poetry offered to record me reciting that poem and adding an original musical accompaniment to it. I loved not only the music but what he did in editing the spoken word portion into the music to create a poetry performance not unlike those I had long admired from spoken word artist Ken Nordine. We had planned to complete an entire CD in this vein but only ever finished two tracks.

As I've gotten into doing video work, I've long wanted to take that recording further by providing visual counterpoint. I thought about doing this with computer animation but that just seemed too artificial for such passion. Recently, I remembered a short video clip that I made with someone I'd been in a relationship a few years ago. It was a moment I wanted to record as a momento of the two of us kissing. That was when I realized how to produce the video which is now posted in my YouTube channel and which you can view in the Temporality section of this site.

15 Oct 2012 is dead. Long live

The TalisMedia website at has long been overdue for a big overhaul. The previous site design was over a decade old and was built back when people (like me) thought it was forgivable to use HTML frames. The content got occasional updates but the site itself very much needed a lot of love.

While I could have taken a lot of time to work out the mechanics of a new design myself, my main goal was to get the new site done in a reasonably short period of time. So I opted to search for an HTML site template that I could customize, was built on current web standards like web fonts, HTML5, and CSS3, and which offered a much better user experience. I found just the ticket and purchased a template at Themeforest which I then downloaded and began to customize.

The result is the wonderful new site you now see. The design is clean with custom typography enabled by Curon web fonts. The HTML5 structure takes advantage of both video and audio capabilities, both of which are put to use in the new site. And the digital art galleries make it possible to see the work in large scale like never before. The site also adapts its layout for display on tablets like the iPad to provide a great mobile experience.

I hope you like it. Drop me a note and let me know what you think at


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