There are a number of projects planned by TalisMedia and its related brands as time and resources make them possible.

Mobile Applications

Design and development have begun on two applications for mobile devices. The first of these will be based on the deck of Tarot cards designed by David Deyo. This app will provide Tarot readings anywhere you go without needing to carry a physical deck of cards with you. A second app is planned based on the animated video Chakranomicon. This app will provide information about each chakra in the human energetic body, provide an animated video clip of each chakra to give visual focus to meditations, and suggest yoga postures you can use to clean and clear individual chakras. These apps will be released under the Chronal House brand.

Initially, these apps will be produced for the iOS operating system that runs on various models of the iPhone and on models of the iPad. Consideration is being given to the feasibility of doing these apps for the Android operating system as well.

Third Season of The Temporal Reverie

In 2001, David began what was initially going to be an occasional video blog for Chronal House on topics of interest in spirituality and metaphysics. It eventually moved from YouTube, where episodes are still posted, to a web-based video series on Blip.tv. The first season wrapped up earlier in 2012 after a total of 15 episodes. He premiered the second season in July 2015, beginning a run of 18 episodes that wrapped up in April 2016.

Work is underway to script and produce new episodes that should begin to debut in the first half of 2017.

Release of Chakranomicon

Work on the main animated feature as well as supporting elements such as packaging design, bonus features, soundtracks, and looping chakra animations was finished in 2011. A funding effort was launched on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to put both the DVD and Blu-ray disc editions of this video into manufacturing as well as pay for some promotion costs. The goal was 1,000 shrink wrapped, retail ready copies of each edition. However, the funding window closed short of the funding goals.

Undaunted, Chronal House will launch a new fundraising effort on Kickstarter in early 2013. The budget will be scaled back in hopes of securing the needed funding to put this wonderful video title into production and subsequent release. Plans are to make this video available directly from Chronal House and from Amazon.com.

Publication of Naked Body of Dreams

TalisMedia came into being years ago as a way to put the name of a publisher on a few hand-bound copies of a poetry collection by David that was titled Naked Body of Dreams. But David didn't realize that most of the best poems he has written to date were yet to be composed.

The current body of work David would like to publish is very different from that modest publishing effort in the 1980s. But he loved the title so much that it's been preserved for this first poetry collection intended for wider publication.

While he wants to eventually publish these poems in a high-quality printed edition, in all likelihood the first commercial release of Naked Body of Dreams will be in ebook format. This collection will be published under the TalisMedia name.

Publication of The Chronal House Tarot

A longer term goal is to publish the Chronal House Tarot Deck as a physical deck of cards. This deck updates classic Tarot archetypes with the digital art style used to produce David's computer-generated renderings.

The budget required to create retail-ready decks of 78-cards in full color with all the associated finishing work is substantial, so this will likely only be done if TalisMedia's other projects generate the needed funds. Or if David wins the lottery.

Debut of Wicked Wit Wares

Wicked Wit Wares is a new TalisMedia brand that loves to not take anything too seriously, including itself. This brand will primarily be an online market for t-shirts and related merchandise displaying messages with tongue planted firmly in cheek. These items will be sold online.

The Alchemy of Imagination


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